Save the innovation = save the future!

The year 2093: Weather changes from hot to extremely cold each day. Islands have vanished in cause of raising water level. A lot of plants have been destroyed and deserts are going to spread all over the world. A lot of animals disappeared to places where men are not able to live any longer. Europe and the rest of the world becomes more and more worst, if men are not able to stop natural diseases in the right way. Therefore the Commission for future affairs in Europe decided to start a challenge for the best engineers developing innovations to face the increasing danger for human live:


The region of Baltic Sea area, Western and Eastern Europe as well as Central Europe go for the challenge to find their best innovations. 4 young people decided to start a trip through the regions of CENTRAL EUROPE to save the environment for the future.


Go on and help Igor, Dagmar, Eva and Adam with the creation of a new innovation.